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Press Release Photo Shoot for Unique Company in Sevier County

Press Release Photo Shoot for Unique Company in Sevier County

Are all commercial photography jobs created equal?  Not at all!  Just as each individual, each family brings in their own personality and uniqueness to a photo shoot, the same is true of a business or organization.

For this photo shoot, I was given a set of goals.  The business is a unique and colorful business.  We know we will be working in tight quarters and with unique designs in the shoot area.  The photos will be used for National press release work they are doing and for their new WordPress website, which often requires special images for success.

Several days before the shoot I was given a set of feature areas for the website we hoped to be shooting for.  Upon arrival to the shoot, I never know what to expect.  Often it is not as staged as one might like.  However, what I found when I arrived was color, diversity, creativity, and fun people so we let the photo shoot begin.

See what we ended up with for their website and their press release work.  The client was quite pleased with the results! These photos will serve their marketing needs well. This group is all about teaching success and we captured that on camera.



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